The SOURCE to Multiverse The SOURCE to Multiverse lays in yourself and enables your mind to expand and develop. Today's focus on intellect is oppressing the development, since intellect can't access the unknown. However, we know that we don't know. We refer to universal native culture and support the concept of a Multiverse of alternate realities. Awareness weaves from one reality to another, like a sewing needle pulling thread as it weaves through cloth, defining our experience's moment by moment on the fabric of consciousness. The art refers to the concept of weaving and connecting. Colors, patterns, materials, sounds and scents help to learn. It supports the personal initiation into an alternate reality, introducing individuals to newly acquired consciousness into practice. The SOURCE to Multiverse enhances spirit and soul. We enrich the festival with irritating art, playfully seduce and travel to the BM roots in DADA movement and Cacaphonie Society, to which we feel connected as Swiss collective.